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Pixie door.

When my wife and I read about the concept pixie door, we were completely sold and would also make one to our daughter who was 3 years old at the time. For those who do not know of a pixie door, it's a little miniature door as you set up in December. Then the pixie moved in and live inside the wall in the Christmas month. Then he can make all sorts of teasing and sweet things. There is also a small mailbox So there may be letters from him, and you can write letters back to him.

But I could not just buy a small door, so I went to my garage to build an entire small house. The walls are made of white foamed PVC as I have cnc milled grooves in order for it to look like brick and timbered. Then, they were spray painted light gray to give the joints their color. And then I painted brick and timbered with brush afterwards.

The roof is purchased finished and is called 'mini Mundus tiles'. They are made of wood and are easy to glue together and paint.

The whole house is approximately 30 cm high and in scala 1:12.

A really fun little project to make, which brought back memories of all the plastic kits I have built as a child. And my daughter thought it was really exciting to have such a pixie residents. So exciting that she could wake up very early and see what the pixie has done at night, or see if he had put a little goodies.